Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Silent Proposal

Every little girl dreams about the moment that the love of their life will propose to them. We imagine beaches, flowers, dinners, romance or adventure; an extra special day they will remember forever. I tried to imagine every different way that day could unfold.

When I started dating my husband, I was pretty sure he was the one right away, there was just something so different about him. We met through our bands, I was in an all girl Christian rock band and at that time he was in an alternative rock band. I've never been the type to think that I would be in a band, but God does things His ways, and I'm sure glad He does. We tried dating for a minute about 6 months after meeting each other, but the timing just wasn't right yet. After about 6 months of little to no contact after we broke up, he started to come around and hang out again. I made an active effort to be that really cool ex-girlfriend that made people feel comfortable, but not show any interest. I put a lot of energy into playing aloof. You see, I still had interest in him, but he did have a girlfriend at the time, so I didn't want any one to know I still had feelings for him. After all, I would never want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or try to interfere with a relationship.

Well....... it worked! He realized how 'cool' (my word) I was and he still had all of these feelings for me. So he broke up with his girlfriend and about awhile later he told me about his feelings for me, that was at the end of February.

Towards the end of July I started to get a little insecure. My band was getting ready to go to Greece for a little over 3 weeks to participate in some street and music ministry during the 2004 Olympics and I was panicking about every little thing. One day I lost it and just started crying at his apartment, I felt so silly. He was being so kind and gentle. He told me he could make me feel better. He grabbed my hand, led me to a bed and let me lay down, he said, 'I know how much you like to sleep, does this make you feel better?'

Really? I'm opening my heart to you and crying like a baby and you point out that I can have a tendency to be lazy? How do you think this is going to make things better? Needless to say (but I'm going to say it anyway), I started crying a bit harder. He just held me, me laying on the bed, him sitting on the bed.

The lights were all off, so I thought he was just going to sit there until I fell asleep to take a nap until the rest of our friends arrived for the movie night the guys were having. He grabbed my hands and I felt a little velvet box in his hands, it was open, I could feel a ring.......

'Yes!' I exclaimed. 'Yes!' I was so excited, and I jumped off the bed and turned on the lights to see the splendor that was my ring.

~Notice how I didn't tell anyone his wording for the proposal? Hmmmm? Yeah, that's because I didn't give him time to talk. I would have felt really sheepish had that ring turned out to be just a nice, 'Hey, you're kind of special, so I thought you might like this,' kind of ring. ~

Out of all the ways I thought that I would be proposed to, I never imagined anything like that. Thinking about everything that I imagined that I wanted for that day, none of those would have made me feel as special. He still loved me and knew that he wanted to be with me while I was acting so silly and full of flaws.
By they way, he did make me feel better, he's pretty neat like that!


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